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Who We Are

A healing project centered at the intersections of culture, spirituality, lineage, healing, and connection to Mama Earth.

Mission & Vision

Aiding in the healing of black, brown, and indigenous folx by honoring ancestral and indigenous wisdom

To plant seeds of wellness for future generations and strengthen spiritual connections

Our Core Beliefs/ Tenets

we believe that the liberation of ourselves is a wholly communal task and vice versa, therefore the community’s well being is our well being and should be protected!

Sanctity of community

Sacredness of the Land

we believe in the land being its own entity which we are in community with, and recognize that the land and all of its inhabitants have a right to wellness. That it is our job as stewards to protect and provide for the land and all of our land relations!

we believe in the transformative, regenerative, healing power of spirit, and respect its place in our healing wellness and productive modalities.

Power of Spirit

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Importance of Ancestry & Lineage

we respect the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and honor the fruit of our lineages legacy.

Our Core Practices & Frameworks


"Ecowomanism features race, class, gender intersectional analysis to examine environmental injustice around the planet. Thus, it builds upon an environmental justice paradigm that also links social justice to environmental justice."

Harris, Melanie L. 2016. “Ecowomanism: An Introduction.”

Community Healing

It is our understanding that in order to truly be free, healing needs to be at the center. In thought-partnership with our incubator home organization, InPower Institute, we define community healing as a holistic process that works to make human collectives and the people within them well by addressing the multitude of needs in community.

Rest & Reparations

If we never do another thing, we have already done enough, our ancestors have done enough, our future generations have done enough. We believe in our birthright to rest, to have joy, and to have access to the wider and deeper parts of ourselves that come when we rest. We also believe that our resting should be supported by and through reparations for the sake of healing historical and current traumas.

Our Core Practices & Frameworks

Disability Justice

Rooted in collective access and liberation, this framework guides us in our work to be just and truly for all of our people by ensuring that the diversities of ways we embody life can be honored with full dignity and respect.

Transformative Organizing

Rooted in the collective struggles against systems of oppression (patriarchy and sexism, racism, white supremacy, colonization, capitalism and imperialism) not just policy change, we believe that without direct resistance and opposition to the systems of oppression in our lives and societies, we will never be truly free.

Black Spirituality

We draw from a multitude of lineages and practices of spirituality that have been instrumental to black life, black culture and black freedom. This includes Christianity, African Traditional Religions, and Hoodoo.

Decolonization & Abolition

We are unapologetically clear that the systems of white supremacy & capitalism, and the violence, extraction & exploitation that they bring, must die. We must undo the ties of these systems to our identities and embrace more holistic, liberatory ways of being in the world and in relationship. This is fundamental to our work.

Vegetable farm

Our Farm Programs

What to look forward to in 2024

The Food Forest will be a farm that is accessible to the local community to be able to access fresh produce. Visitors to our retreat center will also have access to these foods.

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Food Forest

We will host agriculture students to learn about farming practices, have a hands on experience to learn about different growing methods and support with food forest production.


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Elegant Black Student

Community members will learn about food production, food harvesting, and different growing strategies, in addition to accessing free food.

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Community Work Days

Vegetable farm

Our occasional daylong events will be about community gathering centered in the importance of food. We will also connect with mutual aid.


Popup Farmers Market

These day long workshops will be opportunities for our community to learn how to process agriculture products through canning, pickling, preparation for freezing, and drying.

Processing Days

Freeform Vector Farmers Rice Farmer

Our team will host guided tours around the property to learn about plant species, nutritional, and ecological value of plants. This will also be a time for participants to find healing through nature.

Trees Nature Landscape
Trees Nature Landscape



Our goal is to become a certified seed library and bank so that our community has access to seeds critical to our environment.

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seed packets

Seed Saving

These classes will be based on the healthy foods we grow in our food forests. We need to share how to cook a variety of plant based foods. These classes can also coincide with our community dinners.

Minimal Organic Girl Cooking

Cooking Classes

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Our Retreat & Healing Offerings

The Bush

For those ready to attune to the spiritual path that is unfolding for them… The Bush is a Healing in Nature Retreat for individuals ready to participate in a spiritual awakening. This solo retreat combines earth based healing rituals with spacious time alone to spend in nature. The secrets waiting to be revealed to us often come when we enter ritual with the land and water.

Family Reunion

This offering is a journey of truth telling, mending brokenness, and liberation for the whole family and the individual. Our family healing program seeks to address the issues of trauma and how to move forward in healing as a family. We work to cultivate a ceremony that is a family reunion style ritual to mark the new beginning of being together as a healed unit.

Rooted Communion

This is our premier community outreach program. These are held monthly around signature soul food dishes from our family that build and strengthen community through food and storytelling. Strong communities sustain healing rituals and well-being which is rooted in communion. We offer this to all of our retreat space visitors and especially to the communities we are based and rooted in.

Aerial View of a Beach

Fk the Opps

We organize alternative liberation and abolition gatherings on holidays that celebrate colonizers, land theft, genocide and the other atrocities committed in these lands. These political education gatherings aid in the re-education, decolonization and grounding in African and Indigenous practices as alternatives to the narratives traditionally held around various holidays such as so called Columbus Day or Thanksgiving.

Lay Down:

a rest residency

A core tenant of our founder since inception, we will offer a set of residencies throughout the year for weary, burnt out, black women who are ready and willing to take extended time away on sabbatical type breaks. These residencies will be coordinated and facilitated by our team to ensure real rest.

Good Grief

This online practice space helps us integrate grief into our everyday lives by exploring the benefits of grief as beings committed to healing. This practice space seeks to grow a community of care and support that sees the beauty in hard parts of life.

The Breaking

Our signature grief program birthed in the pandemic. The Breaking has now had 3 cohorts of participants who have journeyed through this grief series virtually. This year, we are looking to move it to an in-person 3 day retreat for BIPOC folx who want to heal through acknowledging their grief and using it towards transformation.

Thikamor Retreats

An offering born from the depth of love (thick love) between our founder and the love of her life, these retreats are our signature international offering. We support growth and exploration through international travel for black & brown folx looking to expand their worldview and life experiences. Participants will deepen political analyses rooted in freedom, community care and healing, and take time for rest and leisure.

Transition to Transformation

Half cohort, half individual coaching, TTT works with womxn and gnc folx of color to transition into their new lives that are on the horizon. We work with people to transition to the most authentic version of themselves through coaching, creative group strategy sessions, and action planning.

Honoring our cultural heritage & identity thru birthwork

Akoko Nació Doula+ Care is a collaboration between Mama Scrap's Doula Services and InPower Institute that provides safe, supportive, inclusive and culturally compassionate support and knowledge during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. We actively seek to reclaim ancestral practices, intervene in systemic harm, and support the healing and wellbeing of oppressed families.

Our 2023 Thikamor Retreats Series Lineup

This year, we will be exploring the beautiful Andes Mountains

and the city of Cali, Colombia in August.

Then in November, we head to the beautiful

city of Cartagena, Colombia on the Caribbean coast!

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With 8 different retreat and getaway options, we have something for everyone

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